Otherworldly Oracle Academy

is an online MAGICAL school ran by Kitty Fields, the owner and lead writer of the popular witchcraft and pagan blog OtherworldlyOracle.com.

The courses here are designed for those seeking to learn modern witchcraft and paganism at an affordable price. We don't charge hundreds of dollars for our courses. In fact, we provide 35+ years experience and expertise compiled into easy-to-digest courses that you can do at your own pace! You won't find any AI created content, as everything is crafted and produced by a real person, Kitty Fields herself.

In addition to the courses at Otherworldly Oracle Academy, please don't forget to check out the blog AND our educational podcasts Otherworldly Oracle Official Podcast and Mimir's Well, found on your favorite podcast app!

Now on Amazon in paperback AND e-book formats, The Otherworldly Household: A No-nonsense Guide to Enchanting the Witch's Home by Kitty Fields for Otherworldly Oracle. And Modern Witchcraft: A Beginner's No-nonsense Guide to the Craft.

Click on All Courses to choose our Witchling Study Grove for a beginner's course in modern witchcraft. OR take our Spiritual Protection Advanced Class in which we provide you with a full protective magical maintenance routine to keep you and your space free of negativity, psychic attack, the evil eye and more!